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2,500 Southern Loggers Cooperative Members

We are happy to announce that on 01/03/17 we have officially hit 2,500 Members! That's some real Buying Power. In October of 2004, that small group of insightful business men and women that decided to do something about the risings costs associated with logging and farming would be proud of where we are headed. The plan was and still is very simple. By forming a cooperative and gaining new members, as a group they would be able to negotiate better prices for everyone. Founded on the premise of value for its members, the Southern Loggers Cooperative set out to give independent loggers, trucker, farmers and ranchers a helping hand – real bargaining power to meet the challenges in today’s market. Take a look at our member advantages and you'll see why so many hard working, independent folks across the country are getting on board with us. Thank you for your continued support and allowing us to work with you.