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SLC Membership Application

Dear Prospective Member,
Thank you for your interest in Southern Loggers Cooperative (SLC). We appreciate the confidence of all our members and are working hard to make it profitable for them. Membership is open to harvesters of timber, haulers of forest products in the natural state, finished products or products for recycling, forest road contractors, silvicultural contractors, farmers, ranchers, horticulturists, viticulturists, and forest landowners.
Please fill out the Membership Application, Credit Application, Participation Agreement and Fuel Card / Account Set Up Information forms below. Upon receipt you will receive an email from us with the final forms that we will need you to fill out and return. *If you will be purchasing dyed (off-road/non-taxed) diesel in Texas, you are required to submit a copy of your Dyed Diesel End-User Ceritificate issued by the Texas Comptroller's Office before purchasing dyed diesel.* Complete ALL the forms and return to us. We will begin to process your application for membership once the completed forms are received.
Again, thanks for your interest and we look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, please call us. We are here to serve you. A copy of our unmanned station locations is located here for your records.

Todd Martin
Executive Director
If you'd prefer to fill out the application by hand please download the PDF below and send
the completed application to Lisa Alwell via email lisa@southernloggers.com or fax (1-888-641-8082)


* All Fields Are Required .

I hereby apply for membership in the Southern Loggers Cooperative and agree to abide by the Articles of Association and Bylaws of the association, now and hereafter in effect, copies of which have been or will be presented to me for inspection.

I Certify That
  • viticulturist;
  • I acknowledge and will pay the membership fee of $100.00;
  • I have signed or will sign the Participation Agreement

After my membership shall have been in effect for one year from the date of its acceptance by the association, either party may terminate it by notifying the other party in writing of this intention between December 1 and December 31 of any year. If neither of the parties to this agreement so notifies the other, it is mutually agreed.

Applicant Signature:

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Southern Loggers Cooperative Office completes this section

This certifies that is accepted as a member of SOUTHERN LOGGERS COOPERATIVE and is entitled to all rights benefts, and privileges of membership in the association.

Credit Application

I authorize the references listed above as well as any other creditors or credit bureaus to release credit information on any and all of my accounts.

Signature & Date:

By typing in this box you agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature.


This Agreement entered into as of (Date): ,
by and between (Name): , hereinafter referred to as "Member" and Southern Loggers Cooperative, an agricultural cooperative having an office in Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, herein referred to as "Association".

  1. Association is an agricultural cooperative organized under the laws of the State of Louisiana with its administrative offices located in Pineville, Louisiana.
  2. Member is a member of said Association who is actively engaged as a harvester of timber, hauler of forest products in the natural state or finished products or products for recycling, forest road contractor, silvicultural contractor, forest landowner, farmer, rancher horticulturist, or viticulturist.
  3. Member has purchased a membership in and paid to the Association the sum of ONE HUNDRED AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($100.00), as specified in Membership Application, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged as an equity investment in the Association. This entitles Member to all the benefits of membership in the Association as long as Member complies with the Articles of Association and Bylaws of the Association and the provisions of this Agreement.

In consideration of the mutual covenants and obligations contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

Purchase Terms
  • Section 1: Purchase of Goods and Services - Member will be provided a list of goods and services on which prices have been negotiated with the supplier(s). Member agrees that it will buy those goods and services needed for its operations through the Association. Should Member fail to patronize the Association for its needs without good cause as determined by the Association's Executive Director or Board of Directors, the Association may have as the sole remedy of the Association the right to suspend or terminate Member's membership pursuant to the Association's Bylaws.
  • Section 2:Payment - Member will pay the amount due the supplier or vendor promptly as stated in the Purchase Agreement with the supplier. If a line of credit is required by the supplier or vendor, the Member shall obtain this line of credit from his/her/its bank at his/her/its expense. Member understands and agrees that failure to timely pay for goods or services shall constitute the failure to pay an open account, as defined in Louisiana Revised Statute 9:2781, which may result in the filing of a suit on open account, subjecting Member to liability for the principal amount of the debt owed with interest, as well as judicial interest, court costs, and reasonable attorney's fees.
  • Section 3:Delivery - All goods and services shall be delivered to a mutually agreed upon location at the earliest reasonable time after ordering same either at supplier or Member's expense depending on contract terms.
  • Section 4:Term of Agreement - This Agreement shall remain effective and enforceable so long as Member maintains a valid membership in the Association. Either party hereto shall have the right at any time on thirty days written notice to the other party to terminate this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Section 2 of this Agreement shall survive termination of this Agreement until any debt owed is paid in full, including interest, costs, and attorney's fees, if applicable.
  • Section 5:Non-conforming Agreement - Association may enter into other agreements consistent with the Bylaws of the Association, without invalidating this Agreement.
  • Section 6:No Contrary Agreements -Member warrants that it has not contracted to purchase similar goods and services and will not contract to purchase similar goods or services from any other person, firm, association, or business entity contrary to this Agreement during the term hereof.
  • Section 7:Forfeiture of Membership - Violation of this Agreement in any material respect by Member may be grounds for the Board of Directors to terminate Member's membership in the Association.
  • Section 8:Articles and Bylaws -Except as altered oramended in this Agreement, Member agrees to conform to and observe the Articles of Association and Bylaws of the Association now in force and as they may be amended hereafter.
  • Section 9: Assignment - This agreement may be assigned by the Association in its sole discretion. Member may assign this Agreement, but only upon written authorization granted by the Board of Directors of the Association.
  • Section 10:Entire Agreement - It is agreed that the Articles of Association and the Bylaws of the Association, now or hereinafter in effect, and this Participation (purchasing) Agreement, along with any corresponding Personal Letter of Guaranty which may be required from Member by the Board of Directors of the Association, constitute the entire Agreement between the Association and Member, and that there are no oral or other conditions, promises, covenants, representations, or inducements in addition to, or at variance with, any terms of this Agreement.
  • Section 11:Governing Law - This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Louisiana, and Member understands and agrees that by signing this Agreement, Member acknowledges amenability to suit in Louisiana, and that Louisiana courts may exercise personal jurisdiction over him/her/it, and furthermore, that any suits filed as contemplated in Section 2 of this Agreement will be in the 9th Judicial District Court, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, or the Pineville, Louisiana City Court, depending on the amount in controversy and at the sole discretion of the Association, and that said courts may exercise personal jurisdiction over Member.Collection on any judgment obtained in Louisiana against Member pursuant to Sections 2 and 11 herein shall be enforced in the parish/county and state of Member's domicile.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the day, month and year first above written.


By typing in this box you agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature.

Southern Loggers Cooperative:



Once your application is approved these are the next steps in getting your account set up:

Your SLC Fuel card(s) can be used at all SLC stations (see station list ).

You can assign each card a different number or you can assign all of the cards the same number. Please make PIN something that you/your drivers can remember.

Yes Or No

If you would like to enable this feature please send a list with your application.

Yes Or No
Yes Or No

Bulk Fuel Orders are 7500 gallons gross and can be divided between highway diesel, off-road (dyed) diesel, and unleaded gasoline. Please note that bulk fuel is for end-users only, and is not to be resold in any form or fashion.

Yes Or No

If you will be purchasing dyed (off-road, no tax) diesel in Texas, we ask that you submit a copy of your TX Dyed Diesel End-User Certificate in order to avoid additional charges for dyed diesel purchases.

Note : It is very important that you FILL OUT THE ENTIRE APPLICATION. Your application cannot be processed, if we do not have the complete application. It takes 5-7 business days from time that we receive your application to fully process.

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