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Pineville, Louisiana 71360

About Us

We're on a cost-cutting mission. In October 2004, a group of business men and women decided to do something about the rising costs associated with logging and farming. The plan was simple. By forming a cooperative and gaining new members, as a group they would be able to negotiate better prices. Founded on the premise of value for its members, the SLC set out to give loggers, truckers, farmers and ranchers a helping hand-real bargaining power to meet the challenges in today's market. 

Over 5,000 members strong. That’s buying power.

Today our fueling stations stretch from Texas to Ohio with fuel sales breaching the 55 million gallon mark in 2022. Our growth has been explosive, but we're far from finished. The SLC is expanding fueling stations throughout the Southern and Eastern region. Future plans include even more services and deeper discounts. Take a look at our member advantages and you'll see why so many hard working folks across the nation are getting on board.

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