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Today, 10/15/14, the Southern Loggers Cooperative celebrates 10 years of saving our members $$$$! The SLC was officially started on October 15, 2004. We are very humbled by the amount of hard work that we know has been done over the last 10 years in order for this co-op to be one of if not THE most successful one in the country. All of our members, our board of directors, our former staff and current staff have so much to be proud of. We are very proud and honored to continue the awesome work that has been done that has paved the way for our success.

  October 15, 2004 we had 9 members and NOTHING ELSE. Now flash forward to today, October 15, 2014 we have 1,748 member in 14 states; 22 stations in 7 states including: LA, TX, MS, AL, SC, VA, OH; For 2014, we will approach 27 million gallons sold in 1 year; For 2014, we will approach $100 million in sales in 1 year. When you think about where we started in 2004 and where we are today, it should be humbling to us all. To the original 9 members, we thank you for your vision and your willingness to stick your neck out on the line for what you knew would be worthwhile risk. What you did on that day in October of 2004 has been a HUGE help to thousands! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLC! We are very proud to be a part of this great work and it is an HONOR to serve the members of this great organization!